Even the best science may fail to convince readers if it is not presented clearly.

The problem:

  • Few scientists and physicians have received formal training in writing, and many struggle with their writing tasks.
  • Some are just too busy to give writing their full attention or would rather spend their time on research or in the clinic.
  • Many companies do not have enough in-house staff to meet all of their writing deadlines.

The solution:

In each case, a professional writer can present the science in the clearest way, helping to convince peer reviewers, funding agencies, and other readers of the importance of the work. And a writer can help get the project done on time.

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writing process.

As a professional scientific and medical writer, I focus on communicating technical content clearly and accurately.

I am familiar with reporting standards (such as CONSORT), style requirements (such AMA or CSE style), and publishing norms, in addition to the details of grammar and punctuation. I know how to work with the many functions of Word and have referencing and graphics software that let me efficiently create quality documents that meet the needs of both the authors and the audience.

Save yourself time and frustration by letting a professional handle your writing!

I have experience writing the following types of documents:

  • Primary research manuscripts
  • Review articles and book chapters
  • Grant applications (including many types of NIH grants)
  • Slide decks
  • Continuing education (CME)
  • White papers
  • Abstracts
  • Posters
  • Scientific platforms
  • Sales training programs
  • Advisory board meetings
  • Executive summaries

My experience also enables me to take on new types of documents without difficulty, as long as I have an example or clear instructions on what the end product should look like.