About Naomi

About Naomi

Naomi L. Ruff, PhD, ELS, is the president and sole member of RuffDraft Communications LLC.

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Growing up, I had a keen interest in science, and I started working in research laboratories as a high-school student. At the same time, I was fascinated by language and the power of words; although I entered college with the intent of becoming a research scientist, I earned a degree in linguistics as well as one in biochemistry.

By graduate school, this interest in (and comfort with) language and communication meant that I was the go-to person in the lab for grammatical questions, and I was often asked by colleagues to review manuscripts before submission or to critique slide presentations. Unlike most students, I thought that writing my dissertation was the best part of graduate school!

As I watched many of my colleagues wrestle with their grants, manuscripts, and presentations, I realized that my strengths are in communicating research findings clearly and effectively, and in 2000 I began working in scientific communications full time. Many years later, I still love helping others tell their scientific stories.

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Naomi at Bass Lake

Taking a break from hiking at one of Minnesota’s many lakes.