RuffDraft Communications provides full-service editing in science and medicine, from first drafts to final proofs.

Why use an editor?

Even the best writers need an editor! After spending so much time close to the material, we all see what we meant to say, rather than what the text actually says. An editor can bring a “fresh set of eyes” to catch discrepancies, ambiguities, or organizational problems that may have been overlooked by the authors.

Before editing, most documents contain terms that are not used consistently, a mismatch or two between the text and the tables, or sentences that could be misinterpreted. The finer points of grammar and punctuation are often missed, and the logic of an argument may not be clear.

Don’t let these oversights make you appear sloppy to your clients, customers, or peer reviewers!

The benefits of having RuffDraft Communications edit your documents

I bring years of experience with scientific writing, language structure, and publication guidelines to ensuring that your documents

  • are grammatically correct
  • are logically organized
  • are internally consistent
  • are written in “one voice,” no matter how many authors contributed material
  • meet the requirements of the target audience, such as the journal and its readers or the granting agency and its reviewers

Learn more about the
editing process.

I am certified by the Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS). I have also been a peer reviewer and have worked for a journal, giving me a unique perspective on the process of publishing scientific articles.

Are you a non-native speaker of English? Don’t let that limit your success! I have extensive experience editing documents written by authors for whom English is a second (or third) language.

Plus, my strong science background means that I understand your content and can make specific suggestions for alternative wording that will better convey your meaning.